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IP PBX and newer key/PBX systems are equipped for SIP service connection so no external units are needed to enjoy the benefits of VoIP trunks. Call routing is as efficient as the T1 service that have been used in larger systems for many years but without the high cost and not limited to 23 channels. Our SIP provider provides unlimited call paths so there is never a busy signal when used with the Yeastar PBX. Telephone systems that are not SIP ready are limited to the available line cards but may still benefit lower monthly costs by way of a Yeastar analog gateway appliance.

Moving? Your telephone numbers go with you, no matter if going out of your previous exchange

Remote Area Codes? There are no boundaries, order numbers from any Area Code

Current phone number when switching? Very seldom are current phone numbers not portable to SIP service

Long distance? All calls within the U.S. and Canada are toll free, international calling rates are set at very low rates


Want to keep your current legacy system? No problem, we can use a gateway to convert the digital signals to analog and you can keep your existing phone system and telephones and still enjoy most of the SIP trunk benefits.

What's need to get started 

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A copy of your most current Phone Bill (Front and Back, all pages)

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