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Record Day / Night Greeting

Press the VOICEMAIL button.

You should hear “Enter Passcode”

Press “*” (asterisk)

You should hear the main greeting “Thanks for calling, blah, blah blah…”.

Press #0000  to access the system administrator mailbox.

You should hear “Enter the passcode”.

The default passcode is 0000 (NOTE: it is possible to change this passcode so if 0000 does not work contact the company that installed your phone system).

You should hear “Welcome to the system administrator main menu, for system prompts press 1″.

Press 1

You should here “Enter the prompt number”.

Dial 1001 for the DAY prompt.

Dial 1002 for the NIGHT prompt.

Press 1 to listen to the existing prompt.

To re-record the prompt press 3.

When done press the # key to end recording.

TEST your new recording.

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