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AnacommSystems offers complete business telephone systems for all size organizations. Each system will be hand selected by one of our communication specialists and customized to your exact needs. Please use the information below to learn more about some of our leading products. If there is a particular line you are interested in, but don't see it listed, please be sure to contact us and we'll help you with your request. 

Samsung User guides and help docs

If you want a user guide for your phone, click a link below for a PDF. You will find help with phone features, voicemail, and even system administration. Call or email us if you don't find what you need.

How to use your Samsung phone and voicemail

DS5000 quick reference quide (7, 14 & 21 button)

DS5000 user guide (7, 14 & 21 button digital phones)

iDCS quick reference guide (8, 18 & 28 button)

iDCS user guide (8, 18 & 28 button digital phones)

SMT-i5210 user guide

SMT-i5220 user guide

SMT-i5230 user guide

SMT-i5343 user guide

SMT-i601X user guide

SMT-i602X user guide

iDCS standard telephone user guide (analog/SLT)

Samsung Phone Assistance

Q. How do I change the time on my Samsung telephone?


Q. How do I change the name on my Samsung telphone display?
A. Follow steps below

  1. Press the Transfer button and then dial 104

  2. Enter the name (up to 11 characters) using the keypad (use the volume keys for spaces)

  3. When you have entered the correct name press the Transfer button again to exit programming


Q. How do I forward calls to an external number on my Samsung phone system?
A. Follow steps below

  1. Press the Transfer key and dial 102

  2. Press 1 the 9 (to access an outside line) then the phone number you want your calls to go to

  3. Press the right soft key (these are the 3 keys at the top of your phone)

  4. Use the volume keys to toggle to YES

  5. Press the transfer key again (your display should now show the number you forwarded to)

Note: External call forward will cancel all other call forwarding instructions previously set in your phone

To cancel call forward:

  1. Press the Transfer key and dial 102

  2. Dial 0

  3. Press the Transfer key again to exit

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