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Yeastar N824 Smart Analog PBX

Yeastar N824 smart analog PBX is an easy-to-use and affordable phone system designed to deliver advanced communication features of a large system to small offices. Yeastar N824 maximizes cost-effectiveness with 8 CO lines, 24 analog extensions, 8 SIP extensions, 4 SIP trunks and the ability to handle calls with your mobile phone.

Yeastar N824 smart analog PBX is easy to install and ready to play out of the box with plug-and-play facility.  In rare circumstances when configuration is needed, the user-friendly web interface is easy and intuitive.You can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of powerful built-in features with Yeastar N824 without extra license fees:

Yeastar N824 Analog PBX Highlights


  • Voicemail messages

  • Multi-level auto-attendant

  • Call recording capability

  • Timed condition routing

  • No extra licensing fee


Connect to office phone system with Yeastar's mobility extension on Linkus App.  Linkus integrates mobile phones with Yeastar N824 Smart PBX and enhances efficiency with consistent in-office experience. Never miss a call when working away from the office. You can make and receive calls through corporate phone network to slash call costs, and enhance efficiency with consistent in-office experience.   (One number reach, visual voicemail, extensions availability)

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