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Contact AnacommSystems Solutions for a free consultation to find out how Yeastar S-Series can reduce your costs and change your business …


AnacommSystems is a Yeastar reseller – accredited to plan, deploy & support their Scalable and Modular S-Series VoIP Appliances in the Atlanta metro. Anacomm has the partners, skills and experience to do all that’s involved in setting up new lines and numbers – or porting existing business numbers to your new phone system – without you needing to spend time listening to music-on-hold (we can also put you in touch with Premier Business Audio), waiting to talk to your current telecom’s service provider.

AnacommSystems lets your business communications extend beyond the walls of your office building, making it cost less and easier to keep in touch with your staff, suppliers and customers, no matter where they are based and how mobile they are. The flexibility of Yeastar S-Series makes it an ideal telephone system for the Small to Medium company that wants to be able to adapt swiftly, easily & cost-effectively, to today’s changing business and market conditions.


This platform includes advanced features and facilities as standard, with straight-forward configuration allowing us to set the system up for your business, and make changes down the line to optimise it for you. The S-Series appliances also accommodate a range of plug-in modular gateways allowing connection of; analogue lines, analogue extensions, Basic Rate ISDN2e, Primary Rate ISDN30, and 3G & GSM mobile channels. An extensive feature list covers all the facilities you’d expect to see in a business IP-PBX. Some examples of this are; Interactive Voice Response [IVR], enhanced voice-mail, call recording, call reporting, and 3rd party CRM integration with Microsoft Outlook contacts. Follow this link for a full list of features …

Business benefits offered by Yeastar S-Series:

  1. Installation of a new phone system may be carried out alongside your old system, so there are no interruptions to your business.

  2. Management tools allow call-flow to be designed to meet business needs – both inside and outside of business hours.

  3. It’s less expensive to purchase, change and own S-Series, than a proprietary digital or analogue phone system (PABX).

  4. There are no ongoing license payments required to keep your S-Series IP-PBX live and updated.

  5. When running S-Series with SIP Trunks, cost of ownership is extremely low when compared to Hosted VoIP services and/or legacy ISDN.

  6. S-Series improves productivity with integrated & easy-to-use tools – making it possible for your customers to keep in touch no matter where you are.

  7. Phones use your existing cabled (or wireless) computer network, making moves & changes cheap, fast and easy!

  8. Many existing PBX add-on’s (e.g. Door Access control), can be integrated using Gateways & Terminal Adapters.

  9. Simple installation of remote extensions makes it cheap and easy to set up home-working and branch offices. Inter-office calls are then free!

  10. A wide range of SIP compatible desk-phones and soft-phone app’s are available to work with S-Series.

  11. ‘Linkus’ app’s for iPhone and Android turn mobiles into wireless WiFi extensions.

  12. Linkus app makes it possible to dial telephone numbers from within other applications on your PC.

  13. Companies can receive & make calls via VoIP, analogue, ISDN & mobile telephone networks using modular VoIP Gateways. S-Series will automatically choose the lowest cost call route.

  14. Businesses can reduce line and call costs significantly, using SIP trunks coupled with highly competitive Least-Cost-Routing.

  15. Multi-party conference facilities make it easy to set up ad-hoc meetings, avoiding travel costs and delays.

  16. Call recording and call Reporting packages are standard [just add an SD card], so we can provide valuable feedback to improve the way you work with your customers.

  17. S-Series network architecture enables fast & easy Moves, Additions, Deletions & Changesfor flexibility in your business.

  18. S-Series integrates with and adds a lot of value to Microsoft Outlook and other Customer Relationship Management [CRM] products.

  19. S-Series has an optional Hospitality module, to provide the facilities for management of Hotel guests and staff.


Yeastar uses the open-source Asterisk VoIP PBX platform that’s been in continuous development since 1999. S-Series ‘Appliances’ are able to support from one to hundreds of extensions, with modular hardware and software additions, making & taking calls through all types of fixed, Internet and mobile telephone lines & services.

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