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Hosted, or Cloud, PBX Systems Do Not Require On Site Hardware​

We work with a number of cloud PBX services. Call us to tell us about your incoming line needs, the number of phones, the features that you need and if you have multiple locations. We will find the best package to fit your application for the best price.

​    No system to purchase   Work from anywhere   Keep your phone numbers​​​

Moving? Your phone numbers go with you - no borders
No long distance charges within the U.S. and Canada
Low international calling rates for other countries

Automated Attendant
Company voice mail

Individual voice mail boxes
Email notification when voice message is left

Cell phone integration
Ring groups and ring your cell as calls come to your office phone
Connect remote offices & employee home offices as extensions to your current system

A virtual system can do all that the large expensive in-house systems do with very little capital outlay while lowering phone line charges at the same time. Cougar Telecom sets up and tests all units then assists with personnel training. Programming changes can be done by the users or Cougar Telecom will make the changes for you so you can concentrate on your own business while we handle your changing communications needs.

               High speed internet connection is a must have for VOIP service to function

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