Changing the Day and Night Greeting on Samsung Voicemails (SVMi) 

  • Press the VOICEMAIL button.
    You should hear “Enter Passcode”
  • Press “*” (asterisk)
  • You should hear the main greeting “Thanks for calling.
  • Press “#0000″ to access the system administrator mailbox.
  • You should hear “Enter the passcode”.
  • The default passcode is 0000 (NOTE: it is possible to change this passcode so if 0000 does not work contact the company that installed your phone system).
  • You should hear “Welcome to the system administrator main menu, for system prompts press 1″.
  • Press “1″.
  • You should here “Enter the prompt number”.
  • Dial 1001 for the DAY prompt.
  • Dial 1002 for the NIGHT prompt.
  • Press 1 to listen to the existing prompt.
  • To re-record the prompt press 3.
  • When done press the # key to end recording.
  • TEST your new recording.

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